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Yes, I have heard the feedback, and I am difficult to get a hold of. The Dyno Tuning is a side business. I spend my days working with adults with dissabilities, and I love that job, and it absolutley takes priority. Due to increased work load, I have cut down the available number of tunes I can do a week, as well as made it mandatory to drop the cars off (no more "while you wait" rush jobs. I will do a better job for you, if you just let me be). I will do my best to accomodate out of town visitors.

Best ways to contact me, is by email. I seldom answer the phone, especially doing my "day job", and not often while I'm tuning.

The online schedule is gone for now. You will have to email me with a description of your project, and what service you need.

Here is a INCOMPLETE list of what I can work with;
• Most Ford With Diablo, or BE. We have our own chips, included in NA or Forced Induction pricing. Flash Tunes of newer vehicles.
• SCT - Viper/SRT10/SRT4 Custom Tuning. No FORD or GM SCT.
• Dodge/Mopar DCX Diablo Custome "CMR" tunes,
• GM: TPI, TBI, LT1 (OBD 1), OBD2, Diablosport CMR, EFI Live, HP Tuners etc.
• Hondata, Crome,
• BRZ/FRS, Limited Mazda (contact us for this one)

Stand-Alone ECU's:
• ECU Master, Haltech, Link, EMTRON, Autronic, Megasquirt, BigStuff3, Accel, FAST XFI, AEM, + Many Other Standalones.
Our dyno is the only one in Canada that can TALK to your ECU!


dynomotive @ gmail.com